July 01, 2020

Past Concepts from Across Canada

Happy Canada Day!  I thought I'd celebrate this day by sharing some of my old concepts for various teams from across Canada, starting out west with Vancouver!

Vancouver Canucks:
This Canucks concept was inspired by soccer jerseys.  The angled stripes are meant to be subtle V's.

Vancouver Giants:
Next up we have a Vancouver Giants concept, which was my take on the Giants original jerseys.

Surrey Eagles:
For this Surrey Eagles concept, I based the striping off of the jersey the eagle in the logo is wearing.

Abbotsford Heat:
Looking back now, I could have been more creative with this Abbotsford Heat concept.

Chilliwack Chiefs:
I went with a double sleeve-stripe design for this Chilliwack Chiefs concept, and used an angular font to match the angles in the logo.

Calgary Flames:
The gradients on this Flames concept are meant to look like flames.

Edmonton Oilers:
Here's a grey Oilers concept which uses their old "steel-drop" logo in front of a diagonal chest stripe.

Winnipeg Jets:
Moving on to Winnipeg, we have an aviator blue jersey with chevrons on the sleeves.

Manitoba Moose:
I simplified the old colour scheme of the Manitoba Moose for this concept.

London Knights:
This London Knights concept uses stripes on the ends of the shoulder yoke.

Hamilton Tigers:
Tiger stripes were the theme of this Hamilton Tigers concept.

Toronto Maple Leafs:
Here's a fauxback Maple Leafs concept which combines some of their old Toronto Arenas and St. Pats jerseys.

Toronto Marlies:
I used the Maple Leafs' 1930-34 jersey as inspiration for this Toronto Marlies concept.

Ottawa Senators:
This Senators concept is based off of the logo and jerseys of the WHA's Ottawa Nationals.

Montreal Canadiens:
Next up is a Canadiens concept using a chest stripe on a white jersey.

Montreal Maroons:
Also in Montreal, this was my idea of an update for the old Montreal Maroons.

Quebec Nordiques:
Last but not least, we have a double blue Quebec Nordiques concept which was part of my what if the Nordiques never moved set of concepts.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Canada Day!

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