May 27, 2019

Past Concepts and the 2019 Stanley Cup Final

The Stanley Cup Final begins tonight with the Bruins facing off against the Blues, and (since I haven't posted anything in a while) I thought I would take this opportunity to look back at some of my past concepts for these two teams.

I've arranged the concepts into a seven game series of matchups, starting with the oldest concepts for game one and ending with the most recent concepts.

Game #1 (Bruins concept from March 2012, Blues concept from May 2012)
Both of these concepts are from my first NHL redesign series.  The Bruins are based off of their Orr-era jerseys, while the Blues design was influenced by some of their early jerseys.

Game #2 (Bruins concept from March 2012, Blues concept from July 2012)
Game two has Boston in a brown jersey, while St. Louis ditches yellow and their trumpet gets brought back as the front crest.  Also, notice the sublimated bear on the Bruins jersey.

Game #3 (Blues concept from May 2012, Bruins concept from March 2012)
For game three I used the third jerseys from my original NHL series, which results in a colour vs colour matchup.  The Blues jersey includes sublimated music-staff striping.

Game #4 (Blues concept from September 2013, Bruins concept from June 2013)
Next up we have concepts from my second NHL series (which I called a De-Edge series).  The players name on the Blues jersey was placed within the oversized shoulder yoke.

Game #5 (Bruins concept from January 2014, Blues concept from April 2014)
Here we have a couple of designs from 2014.  The Blues concept was mostly about trying a curved blue-note logo (the jersey striping is very similar their game one concept).

Game #6 (Blues concept from August 2018, Bruins concept from November 2017)
The game six (and seven) concepts come from my current NHL series.  These are my ideal looks for each team, the Blues are tweaked versions of their current set, while the Bruins are (once again) based off of their Orr-era look.

Game #7 (Bruins concept from November 2017, Blues concept from August 2018)
The Bruins are back in brown for the final game, but with an old gold instead of true yellow.  The curved blue-note logo from game five returns for the Blues.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the Stanley Cup Final!

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