September 09, 2016

Double Flyers

Has it really been 37 days since I last posted a concept for my NHL Double Series?  Yes it has, and that's much too long (sorry about that).  Anyways, here are the Flyers...

My Ideal Philadelphia Flyers:
I think the Flyers current jerseys are some of the best in the NHL, so I barely made any changes.  The biggest difference is both jerseys now use a white nameplate, so it only contrasts on the home jersey.  I also made the collar inserts the same colour as the rest of the jersey.

New Look Philadelphia Flyers:
The New Look concept provided a bit of a challenge, because I didn't want to use their normal sleeve design, but I still wanted it to fit the Flyers identity.  I decided to take their contrasting nameplates and make it part of the striping pattern.  I then made the end of those black yoke stripes match the shape of the wings in their logo, and did the same with the horizontal part of the four.

Have a good weekend!

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