July 21, 2016

Double Sabres


My Ideal Buffalo Sabres:
My ideal Sabres jerseys are their classic jerseys.  The only noteworthy change I made was matching the hem stripe to the sleeve stripes on the road jersey.

New Look Buffalo Sabres:
For this concept I was trying to see if the Sabres "B/Sword" logo could work as the primary logo (I'll let you judge how well it worked).  I also brought back the Buffaslug as the secondary logo.

See you later!


  1. I prefer the new look set to the classic one, fantastic job, love the slug!

    1. Thanks!

      Although I don't think Sabres fans would be as happy to see the slug return.

  2. I guess you have the Freak-Out spot on Icethetics for the next few weeks... Personally, I feel these have a spot on the Concepts page, but without the Freak-Out label.