June 15, 2016

Double Avalanche

Hello again!  I took a bit longer than I expected but I'm back with another concept for my NHL Double Series.

My Ideal Colorado Avalanche:
I don't know if this exactly is my ideal look for the Avalanche, but it would be something similar with a mountain striping pattern.  I don't think their current colour scheme is perfect so I used burgundy, navy, and a light sky blue instead.  The number font is from their current third jersey.  This is actually an update of an old concept of mine.

New Look Colorado Avalanche:
The idea for this concept started with the double sleeve stripes.  I then added a sublimated pattern, made up of the the C from the Colorado state flag, to the yoke area and back numbers (I was inspired by the national anthem design on Slovakia's Olympic jerseys).  I also wanted to use more black to tie into their black equipment, so I originally had the collar and cuffs (and hem outline) on the white jersey black as well, but I decided burgundy looked better.

Au revoir!

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