June 29, 2020

Quick Colour Swap Concepts

I was in the mood to make some quick colour swapped concepts, so that's exactly what I did!

Boston Bruins:
This is just the Bruins third jersey in yellow instead of black.

Dark Mode Detroit Red Wings:
Here's a "dark mode" version of the Red Wings home jersey.

Montreal Canadiens:
I'm sure you've seen this many times before, it's the Canadiens home jersey with red and blue swapped.

New York Islanders:
Next up we have an orange Islanders jersey, which is their road jersey with the main white area coloured in.

Pittsburgh Penguins (Yellow):
This is the Penguins road jersey re-coloured to match their 1980-84 yellow jersey.

Pittsburgh Penguins (Blue):
I also re-created the Penguins 1977-80 double blue set of jerseys.

Vancouver Canucks:
Last but not least we have the Canucks current home jerseys in green instead of blue.

Have a nice day!

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