March 23, 2020

Double Jets

Hello folks!  I hope you're all doing okay.

My Ideal Winnipeg Jets:
I'm still not entirely sure what my ideal look for the Jets would be, but I like the idea of them embracing aviator blue, so I went in that direction here.  The striping pattern is based off of their current arm stripes, and the number font is a straightened version of their current font.

I actually made a very similar concept back in 2012.

New Look Winnipeg Jets:
Another old Jets concept of mine used a chevron pattern on the sleeve, and I burrowed that idea for this "New Look" concept.  The names and numbers are in a stencil font, the shade of red is brighter, and I removed the shading from the maple leaf in the logos.

Thanks for visiting, and stay safe!


  1. Both of these are great! However, I think the road could use a little more navy blue. It feels a little too light. The new set though is great. It fits the modern logo that the Jets have!

    Also, are you going to be creating any new NHL templates? I really enjoy your work there and have used them a lot. No rush or anything, I was just wondering what the plan there was!

    1. Thanks!

      Here's what the road jersey looks like with more navy...

      I had it both ways while making the concept, before deciding I like the less navy version slightly better.

      As for the templates, unfortunately they are low down on my list of to-do's, but the good news is they're still on my to-do list (at least for now, I won't make any promises that I'll always keep making new NHL templates).

  2. The New Look set is very different and the use of more silver is a good move to my taste. The Ideal set is fantastic with the navy blue equipment helps balance them very well.