July 31, 2019

Double Stars

Hello all!

My Ideal Dallas Stars:
I like the Stars current jerseys but I think they'd benefit from some changes.  I made the equipment green, used their Texas-shaped logo on the shoulders, added an outline to the numbers, changed the collars, tweaked the shape of the yoke, and raised the home jersey's hem stripe.

New Look Dallas Stars:
The equipment is also green for this next concept, but that's because I ditched black all together.  I used a simple/minimalist striping pattern, promoted their Texas-shaped logo to the primary logo, and brought back the "DALLAS" script on the pants.

Unrelated to this post, but on my secondary blog (Snapshots with Steven) I recently posted some photos of my family's dog Luc.  He passed away earlier this month at the age of ten, so I'm sharing my favourite photos of him as a way to celebrate his life.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Awesome Ideal set! It's what Dallas should have wearing right now mostly adding trim around the numbers makes it complete.

    My thoughts to you and your family.